Matteo Maddalena

Matt is a Senior Visual/Brand Designer & AD based between Berlin and Milan (hey👋🏼), focused on the creation of digital and physical experiences, design systems and brand identities🔩. When it’s simple, a bit crazy, with a bold tone of voice and pixel-perfect animations, then he likes it.

Clients including Google, YouTube Creative Studio, AKQA, Meta, Koto, Pentagram, Unusual LA, 1stAveMachine & more.

80% designer, 30% troubleshooter and about 10% sure about how to use percentages 🔫

Designing for the future is my jam. Visual Design, Brand Design, UX-UI, 3D, Motion Design, AR, data visualization, and the intersection between AI and Machine Learning are my bread and butter. I have no labels or limits, I mix, act, create. I am focused on design in all its forms. I am fluid in thought and creativity, with a great interest in white spaces, accessibility and typography as a political act.

I worked in cool places, where I met people who guided and motivated me to become what I am now. I’m currently open and looking for new places and experiences that can change my career (and life) for the better.

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